If one truly opens their heart to Service, there are no limits to our achievements!

These are first hand accounts of individual family members and the accomplishments
they have realized through the manifestation of the power.
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"The Children have offered me a life I did not think possible. After freeing myself from my $230k
executive position, I sold my entire exotic car collection to transcend the plane of the material. No longer
need I worry about providing care for my elderly mother, no longer need I concern myself with my children's
dentist visits or clothing. My wife and family are sure to join me in the light once they, too, declare their
independence. Was I perhaps chosen? Or did I simply make the first real choice of my life.

After what Master Ferrari described as my humble donation, I have been granted Avatar Level III status
in the Children of the Multiprismed Light. I no longer fear rejection or judgement. I am finally free to spend my
days channeling the astral winds that exalt happiness. All I ever needed has been within me my entire life.
It was simply a matter of self discovery through the Teachings. Thank you, Master Ferrari. To life immortal!"

~ Justin Nowlen, Minister of Music

I had written a much longer, more elaborate testimony but I think this really says it all:
I would be dead if it wasn't for the Children of the Multiprismed Light and the teachings of our great Master Ferrari.

~ Sara Seiferheld Greene

Everything was discolored and hazy, like most things in those days I suppose. It's one of those many things you should forget,
 but you really don't want to. There is just so much going on in those big, new cities. It is easy to lose track of oneself.
At least it was easy for me. I came to the city like most do; young, independent, with that energy one has when they
are looking really hard for something but not sure what exactly. Now I know that that desire tends to fade,
at different rates, but at a certain point it does. I did not know that then, could not see it or
just did not want to accept it.

But the city lights never fade completely. And so, tired and weary (but still with plenty of time) we were
shown a way of seeing them; refracting their beams pointing them to our soul and submit to eternal
child-likeness amongst this Multiprismed Light. Where would we all be without this light? Who can say for certain.
Who cares really? When your path is illuminated in brilliant light and you are led by the purity of innocence there are no questions left to ask. You are certain, sure, positive that you were shining all along. 

~ Rudy Dominguez


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