The Children of the Multiprismed Love Personality Quiz
Question 1: The only certainty is the one of the sweet forgiveness of alcohol. True False

Question 2: The blissfulness of the stupid is a virtue to make fun of. True False

Question 3: Your house is being monitored. True False

Question 4: Service to others is an essential part of spiritual progress. True False

Question 5: Spiritual energy is as real as electricity and can be manipulated in similar ways. True False

Question 6: All those people in thick black glasses are spying on you. True False

Question 7: Do you browse through railway timetables, directories, or dictionaries just for pleasure? Yes No

Question 8: Do you get occasional twitches of your muscles, when there is no logical reason for it? Yes No

Question 9: Would you prefer to be in a position where you did not have the responsibilities of making decisions ever? Yes No

Question 10: Is it normally hard for you to own up and take the blame, even if it is to save our leader? Yes No

Question 11: When the phone rings, do you: hope someone else will answer it hurry to get to it first, before the feds can tap the line

Question 12: Children often do not: work hard enough wear enough makeup

Question 13: Do you believe you have special extrasensory abilities (ability to talk to alien ancestors)? Yes No

Question 14: Do you tend to lie a lot? Yes No

Question 15: Do you, or would you consider, ever stealing things from stores or people's houses? Yes No

Question 16: You easily understand new theoretical principles and are willing to invest in new supertechnologies. Yes No

Question 17: You feel involved when watching TV soaps or situation comedies. True False

Question 18: Are you familiar with the practice of blackmail to make a profit? Yes No

Question 19: Do you see people who get taken advantage of as being weak and deserving of being used? Yes No

Question 20: Do you prize in yourself : the ability to pretend a slipping hold in reality

Question 21: Do you wish for a strong family to guide your every move? Yes No

Question 22: Do you sometimes wish you never had to make a clothing decision, that your mom would just choose them for you? Yes No

Question 23: Have you ever wanted a bunkbed? Yes No

Question 24: Would you be willing to take on a common last name? Yes No

Question 25: Could you agree to strict discipline around the clock? Yes No

Question 26: Are you more: quiet and weak-minded boisterous and weak-minded

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