Here are our latest announcements. We hope you stay
informed and enlightened through our communications.

We encourage our members to submit frequent announcements
and good words. Please send your submissions here.

Mom has returned from her 5 year overseas missionary journey and is overjoyed to
announce that the family is still strong and we now boast over 418 members
worldwide! To celebrate, we had Jenny from Design Depot update the website.

We have teamed up with the website,, to bring you some much
demanded Family-themed merchandise to add to the shop.
Check out the wonderful T Shirts, mugs, tote bags, and even
iPhone covers, all available now!

As you can see above, we have added a section for Success Stories.

For th
ose of you who have achieved greatness through Service to the
this is a wonderful place to share with others so that they, too,
may strive to serenity and oneness in Family.

Mom will be checking in at the Compound in California in late April.
We hope to have several small celebrations in which she wishes to
interface with each and every one of you.

As of this month, we now have 325 family members!

Last month, our entire guest book was erased by evil interlopers out to
destroy our fellowship, so we have decided to replace that feature with a new section
for artwork. Click here or above to see some of the wonderful new discoveries of
Master Tony's drawings, converted to a downloadable format
for all of our children to colour.

Last weekend, we hit the 200 member mark, and kept going.
Our family is now 250 MEMBERS strong!

We are overjoyed!
Many new members have inquired about a message board.
Some of our new members took the initiative and created one for us!  Bravo!
Go talk to your fellow family members HERE.
(Unfortuneately, the message board had to be shut down because of undercover
journalists posing as family members to gain
coveted information about our Family.)

We have also received some wonderful evidence that Tony is always with us.
Blessed daughter Lauren Schmitt witnessed a vision of Master Ferrari's face in
rainbow generated clouds in N. Central Iowa.
A rare Tony Ferrari bobble head has also been discovered.
Sister Katie found one in a box in the kitchen basement and is looking
into mass manufacturing them to honor our leader.
See the pictures of these great tributes to Tony here.

Mom is also calling for any other members evidence of the power of our family.
Please submit any photos or otherwise HERE.

07.27.05: New crop of brothers and sisters!
What a glorious day. We have been recognized by website and
have a new crop of 40 members in just 2 days! We welcome you, our new children,
and believe your addition will be fruitful and bring great energy to our family.

However, with faith, also comes Doubt. We have received a couple letters attacking
our faith. We wish to share one with you from a Mr. Joe Bruce,
who we suspect is full of self-hate and broken dreams.

04.16.05: 125 Members!
As of tax day, 2005, we have gained our 125th family member.

We rejoice in the continued interest in our family and encourage you
to keep spreading the great word to all your friends and colleagues.

Another photo of Master Ferrari has been unearthed.
We believe this was taken during the attacks on the California
compound by 29 species of frogs, who were defeated when
Master Ferrari joined with our friends,
Voltron and the giant red panda of faith and servitude.
View this exciting new photo here!

08.27.04: Tony Levitation Photo Found!

New photos of Master Ferrari have been found below the old commissary.
Renovations have been ongoing to the compound's grounds and a
treasure trove of images and writings belonging to
Master Ferrari were uncovered by diligent workers.
View the first of these photos at this link!

08.20.04: 100th Member Pancake Party News!

We finally held our 100th Member Pancake Party on August 7th, 2004!
We estimate attendance at 50% and an enlightening time was
had by all. Being able to gather together and channel our energies through
the miracles of home cooking has made us an even more brilliant family
and we go forth into September 112 member strong! We enjoyed
spending time with all our children in attendance and hope to tend
to the flock many more times in the nearing future.
Click here for Mom's Pancake Recipe!

100th Member Pancake Party Coming Soon!

We estimate that by August 2004, we will have received our 100th family
member into the fold. We plan to celebrate this momentous occasion with
a pancake supper at the Fellowship Hall. Details to follow. We do ask that
you refrain from asking Mom to channel Tony Ferrari at the gathering.
She is not able to channel at will, and she says she wouldn't cheapen the
authentic experience by faking it.

We just had to mention our new site design.
Thanks to Jenny down at Design Depot for her contribution of our great site.
Good Job Jenny!

01.13.04: Happy New Year 2004!
As of last week, we are 83 official members strong!

(We also have a small following of those not ready to be join us yet,
but consider themselves friends of the family.
Encourage them in your daily encounters)
Please continue to invite your friends to join. The bigger the family, the
more love we can bring to the world as a positive energy unit!

11.25.03: One of our members was looking through old rolls of film and
discovered a photograph of the actual god's eye that impaled and led
to the death of Master Ferrari. He sent it to us immediately for inspection.
We have posted his picture here for you to reflect on.

08.17.03: We are proud to announce the addition of a new petting zoo and a
botanical garden to the compound.
Your hard work and dedication has
made these glorious additions to our family home possible and we encourage
all members to visit and care for these areas in the coming months.
As of 08.17.03, We are 76 members strong! All of you have done a great
job of recruiting new brothers and sisters and we commend your efforts!

We also applaud the great recruiting device, Friendster.
We have gained several new members through this wondrous
innovation of the internet and welcome them heartily into our family.
Check out Tony Ferrari's profile under
First name: Tony Ferrari/ Last name: Our Leader.

A new picture of Master Tony Ferrari interfacing with a computer has
been unearthed. We are excited about the ramifications of this discovery in
that it is physical proof of the great powers of the mind! View it here!

As of 05.20.03, we are 59 members strong. In the past month, we have gained
members from the metropolis of Los Angeles to the great country of
Belgium. Welcome new members! You're part of a great family now!

05. 19. 03: The decision was made to restore our website, after submitting
the registration for copyright protection. After consideration, the
elders ascertained the need to add new informative sections to
our website, and production was started on them, thusly.

05.13.03: Early yesterday morning, an interloper expressed their
intention to steal our thoughts and words in order to undermine our unity.
Through actions deemed forceful and deceptive, the Offender
has forced the unanimous decision to shut down the site for an
undetermined period of time. Press releases on the situation will be
made available soon and let us all join together in the hopes that the coming days
of internet uncertainty will unite our family further.


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