We would love to have you join us.

We are always looking for bright, new, unaffected members of society,
who feel the same need for an extended family, as we do.
If you feel alienated, rejected, weak-willed, or
just want a cool membership card, CONTACT us TODAY!
Stop putting off your new beginning!

Email us at

Below is a listing of some of our newest members!

We welcome you,
our new brothers and sisters,



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Thomas Sandhåland, Norway

Henning Nyrud, Norway

Ole Thomas Buskerud, Norway

Alexander Kristoffersen, Norway

James Hetfield, Norway

Kjell Magne Bondevik, Norway

Karl Ingvar Hagen, Norway

Kristin Halvorsen, Norway

Kong Harald, Norway

Resten Av Konge Familien, Norway

Odd Bjørn Lie, Norway

Roy Egil Lie, Norway

Reidar Kvilhaug, Norway

Trygve Vea, Norway

Neil Sharp, Pitworker, Champion of Justice, UK

Yakov Stapleman, USA

Selena Carter, USA

Jemma, USA

Malcolm Curtis, Australia

Chris Haworth, USA

Sarah Fisher, USA

Jessica Stall, USA

Kate Whitelaw , UK

Shane Elliott, AUS

Lucien Paluck, USA

Xiao Su Bergen Suyuncu, USA

Linda Fleischman, USA

Eilish De'Avalon, AUS

Alibaba Jefferson, USA

Heather Arnold, USA

Cedrick Ramslent, USA


Lewis Dix III, USA

David Cooper, USA

Brian Smith, USA

Robin Leach, USA

Rick Murphy, USA

George Freitag, USA

Mike Duron, USA

Shelli Ruth, USA

Mike Grimes, USA

David Cooper , USA

Neil, USA

James Thomas, USA

Tracy Levitz, USA

Tyanna Ladd, USA

Gerry LeBlanc, USA

Amar, USA

Jamie Walker, USA

Robert Bradbury, USA

Stacey Parham, USA

Jennifer Gay, USA

Joanna Soderburg, USA


The Dread Pirate Billy One Sock, USA

Bonnie Esposito, USA

James Erickson, USA

Justin, USA

Grandmaster Astrologix "The Light of The Lantern Of Mars", UK

Meaghan, USA

Lora G., USA

J.J. Stewart, USA

Dan Manford, USA

Jerry Bigger, USA

Matt Owen, UK

Samantha Walsh, UK

Michael Joyce, USA

Robert Erickson, USA

Justin Perkins, USA

Max Perna , USA

Michelle Schnob, USA

Scott Campbell, USA

Kelly Stokes, USA

Nancy Laughlin, USA

Moses McDougal,USA

C. Ellis, USA

Shawn White, USA

Sarah Moldrich, USA

Ian Howard, Bringer of the Prismatic Retribution, USA

Ted Howard, USA

Megan Lakey, UK

Gretchen Gauldin, USA

Tom, USA

Derek Venes, USA

Francois Vandame, UK

Warra Spraggon, WA, Australia

Matt Hastings, USA

Rebecca Battino, USA





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