We would love to have you join us.

We are always looking for bright, new, unaffected members of society,
who feel the same need for an extended family, as we do.
If you feel alienated, rejected, weak-willed, or
just want a cool membership card, CONTACT us TODAY!
Stop putting off your new beginning!

Email us at

Below is a listing of some of our newest members!

We welcome you,
our new brothers and sisters,



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Virginia Bankhausen, Mom, USA

Derek McNeill, Father Vicar, USA

Jean-Paul Tremblay, Tricolor Spirit, USA

Dean Cameron, Dean of Cults, USA

Justin Nowlen, Minister of Music, USA

Christopher Hadley, USA

Jon Bauer, USA

Matt Amato, USA

Adam Woodward, USA

Alexis Lightwine, USA

Rudy Dominguez, Minster of Promotions, USA

Drew Plover, Dr. Oop: Faith Healer, Planet Lovetron

Sven Davis, Minister of Building Projects, UK

Hon. Myduss Goldenballzenberger, USA

James Reitano, USA

Marty McKinney, Fluffer, USA

Miss Trixie Textor, USA

Lainie Liberti, USA

Miro Seigel, USA

Sara Seiferheld, USA

Matt Joyce,Bishop, C.E.O., Wales, UK

Bucky Fukumoto, Master Sweater Maker, USA

Hans Moolman, USA

Ravi Dosaj, USA

Jer Raub, USA

Ting Su, USA

Andrew "Sunny" Campbell, Lancelot du Lac, USA

David McConachie, New Zealand

Sander Ramaekers, Senile Grandpa, Belgium

Professor Ronald Deibert, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

J.H. Dornan, USA

Karly Gardner, Soothsayer to Felines, USA

Jens Johansen, Sweden

Zen Sekizawa, Minister of Profanity, USA

Gabie Strong, USA

Chris McConachie, Foreign Relations, New Zealand

Zahir Herz, Planet Earth

Jeffery Lewis, USA

Jeff Richmond, USA

Ande Cousins, Canada

Brian Younce, USA

Michelle Westenhaver, USA

Jon Cassidy, USA

Sam Tew, Australia

Blue, Inspector 34, USA

Luis Cuell, USA

Russell Williams, USA

Linn Gelert, Official Urban Monkey Wrangler, USA

Soren Lusterio, Medical Instruction Video Maker, USA

Erin Allison, USA

Amy Allison, USA

An Tran, Meeting Photographer, USA

Charlie Gigante, USA

Robert Sumrell, Minister of Freelovemasonry, USA

Caitlan Carroll, Acolyte #33031, USA

Mitch Borgeson, USA

Luke J. McDonald, AUS

Recone Helmut, Minister of Information, USA

Sarah Bagwell, Tulip Farmer, USA

B.A. Shaffer, USA

Matt Siren, USA

Daniel Bremmer, USA

Noah Keating, Keeper of the Flora, USA

Ellen C. Sexton, USA

Etienne Stehelin, USA

Bobby Radboy, USA

Heather Alexander, USA

Jon Buck, Citizen of Earth, USA

Anna States, Baby Sister, USA

Mark McNeill,The 16 Million Dollar Missionary Man, USA

Jonathon Nicklow, USA

Valerie Nicklow, USA

Ryan Arthur, USSR

Eric G., Sweet Tooth, USA

Michael Dimitri Betanoff, USA

Charlotte Nolan, USA

Jamie Pulley, USA

Graham Hadley, USA

Ha Le, USA

Deena Audu, USA

Theo Saytr Belly Funk Sniffer, USA

Mike N. Talkington, USA

Mike Weihskopf, USA

Gus Mastrapa, USA

Wendy Flores, Friend of the Friendless, USA

Isaac Trogdon,Cycling Retail Professional, USA

Jason Moore, USA

Tom Meggs, USA

€vΩ1√é?, USA







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