The founder of this family, Master Tony Ferrari, is the Earth's representative in an
organization called the Light of the Giant Moth.
According to the stories of the forefathers, the center of the Moon is inhabited.
The Moonmonsters were originally men, inhabitants of Ancient Nasquat413G on Earth.

In Modern days, these Moonmonsters live among us...
as Hollywood A-list celebrities, government officials, housewives...morticians, and lawyers...
and they are all working together to fulfill the prophecies of the ancients.

Master Tony Ferrari, 1992

OUR HISTORY: Tony was contacted in 1948 in the desert of New Mexico as he
was collecting plants for his horticulture business.
Grandpa Love, as we called him, felt a summoning light wash upon him and information
came to him in the patterns of the glow. He saw moths waving back and forth between the beams
shooting at him and realized their true forms as messengers of our ancestors.

Soon Master Tony returned to Arizona and began the family we now call
The Children of the Multiprismed Light.
His vision was to bring peoples of all colours and ethnicity into one big family to
serve into the next millenium.
Through working together, the family soon had a large compound where food was raised and
they made their living off leather crafts.
The original wallets and keychains of The Children of the Multiprismed Light can often be found
on auction sites such as eBay going for hundreds of dollars.

In 1996, Master Ferrari was involved in an accident in our arts and crafts complex.
As he was crafting wallets, he slipped on a stray bead and was
impaled on a god's eye. After his death, the family
was headed by Father Terry Meadows and Mother Virginia Bankhausen.

Father Meadows has become popular in the mainstream through his use of puppetry
to reenact the prophecies of Master Ferrari. His frequent appearances
on Local Channel 78 have boosted the spirits of children,
young and old, and through his entertainment, the word is spread.

It is why these are the days when the prophecies are being fulfilled,
and it us up to each of us - as divine sparks of the Absolute - how
we determine the outcome.
We are all a family in the Reality of Life, and the basis of this reality lies in
obtaining true wisdom and in
applying that wisdom for the benefit of all.

Making a difference is the most important reason why we are here.
By wisely managing our own karmic pattern and achieving
harmony with the light, we develop ourselves as individuals and evolve through Service.


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