Good Evening.
I have recently seen your web site on I feel compelled to ask; is this a prank? I live in an area that frequently sees patrons of all sorts of religons going door to door, and they have never mentioned a 'Giant Moth', unless there was already one in my house. People who are in need of fellowship and brotherhood do not need to be told of giant insects, nor do they need the story and picture of a Cro-Magnon man that was evidently unearthed in a heavily radioactive place, and possible a stunt double for Men In Black. Furthermore, to suggest that everyone who reads your web site is adopted does not make sense. To continue on, however, and insist that there are Moon Monsters pretty much places your orginization somewhere firmly between the crazy people in Waco and that weird gunk stuff behind the refrigerator. The fact that any time and effort was put into a web site designed to promote these theories shows that at least one person, perhaps more, believe in this stuff. For them, the time has come to read these words; Get a hobby, job, or medical assistance, since you obviously need one or all of them. I think the world has enough confounding ideas without a group of yuppie Dungeon and Dragon nerds attempting to thwart logic just to have someone to talk to. Just because the Constitution says you can say whatever you want does not mean that you should, especially if it is bullshit. Get Laid, for God's sake.

Thank you