Greetings Family!
Mom and Dad have some exciting new things to tell you:
As of Jan 31rst, we are 51 members strong!
Praise be!
We are organizing workshops and a founder's day potluck in the coming months.
Anyone who would like to help with organizing the potluck, please contact Virginia Bankhausen at Use the words "potluck for higher consciousness" in the subject line.
Stay tuned for more information.


The Fourth Annual 'Wind as Music' seminar will be conducted at the Marriott Hotel, Kihei HI. October 23-25, 2003
Wind as Music is back! A terrific opportunity awaits you! Strengthen your mind and spirit to the endless possibilities of purity and acceptance.
Hosted by Justin Nowlen, Minister of Music, USA, this 3-day intensive enjoyment will provide much needed centeredness and calm to the mismanaged and chaotic existence we are forced to endure on this planet.

Participants are encouraged to bring their multiprism chimes for use in the seminar. As there was some confusion last year, please note: CHIMES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR YOU. We will delve deep into the subconscious and ring in the dawn of the 3rd millennium. Forget your troubles and unload your material trappings with the vibrations of Wind as Music. Clothing optional.

Order your Multiprism Chimes Today: US$79.50 MC/Visa. Sorry no COD


A missive from Vicar Terry Meadows:
Brothers and Sisters,
Before I address the brethren with the joyful business at hand, I would like to exorcise a ghost
from my past. Before I came into the fold of the Children of the Multiprismed Love, I did some things that I was not proud of. To squelch the spread of heathen rumors, I will come clean.
The actor known on this sphere as Jamie Farr did at one time issue a restraining order
against my former person. If only he had endorsed my revolutionary concept for storm window
radiation coating, then this would never have happened.
The teachings of master Tony Ferrari have enabled me to reject the temptation to
contact Mr. Farr at his domicile in the twilight hours. I would hope that my mistakes would
serve as a lesson to those who have not come to terms with their adulation of temporal beings.
And now, on to more pressing issues. In order to raise funds for Children's activities, I urge you to participate in the production and distribution of food products. Our first food product will be
this scintillating taffy recipe that I have adapted from another fine organization, the Girls Scouts of America.
It is necessary to produce 40 kilograms of taffy per member in order to meet our goals.

40 Kilograms Marshmallows
(I am working on a recipe that substitutes Circus Peanuts. I will update you on my progress).
3 Grams Pentothal Sodium
On Site Prep / Cooking Instructions:
Wash your hands well. Place one marshmallow in between your thumb and
pointer finger and squeeze together. Place your other thumb and pointer
finger over the marshmallow and squeeze. Keep alternating and squeezing
while you pull and stretch the marshmallow until it becomes shiny and
smooth taffy. This takes about five minutes.
Serving Suggestions:
Eat it from your fingers. It tastes sweeter than marshmallows and should
be silky and smooth like taffy.
To package for distribution, spoon a 3 grams piece into plastic wrap and gather sides and tie with a grosgrain ribbon. Attach a membership application using a hole punch and fasten with the ribbon.

Remember to leave some for potential members that you encounter at
highway rest stops to enjoy!
Blessed regards,
Vicar Terry

And lastly, we have added a store to our website.
Please refer to
to check out the
"Bill of Rights, Security Edition" from Brother Dean Cameron
"Mad Hueman Disease" from Brothers Drew Plover, Hon. Myduss Goldenballzenberger, and Small J.

We fully support these efforts of our family. The power to create is the greatest power of all!

Carry on throughout the month with vigilance and strength. You are chosen!
We love you! You're part of a family that cares.
Mom and Dad


© 2003 Children of the Multiprismed Love. All Rights Reserved.