Greetings Family!As of August 1rst, we are 71 members strong!
Praise be!
We would like to welcome all new members and express our greatest
joy at the continued growth of our great family!
In the past months, we have added both a news section and a recipe section to our family website.
Please send any news or your favorite recipes to Mom at

As announced before,
The Fourth Annual 'Wind as Music' seminar will be conducted at the Marriott Hotel, Kihei HI. October 23-25, 2003
Wind as Music is back! A terrific opportunity awaits you! Strengthen your mind and spirit to the endless possibilities of purity and acceptance. Hosted by Justin Nowlen, Minister of Music, USA, this 3-day intensive enjoyment will provide much needed centeredness and calm to the mismanaged and chaotic existence we are forced to endure on this planet.

Participants are encouraged to bring their multiprism chimes for use in the seminar. As there was some confusion last year, please note: CHIMES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR YOU. We will delve deep into the subconscious and ring in the dawn of the 3rd millennium. Forget your troubles and unload your material trappings with the vibrations of Wind as Music. Clothing optional.

Order your Multiprism Chimes Today: US$79.50 MC/Visa. Sorry no COD

We have opened a petting zoo on the northeast quadrant of our compound.
We are in the market for thirteen camels, capable of carrying large loads in case retreat
into the desert, if necessary.
Stop by sometime and enjoy our new addition!

An update*
All pending charges against Vicar Terry Meadows by a Mr. Jamie Farr have been dropped
due to Vicar Terry completing his community service at the Pires Dairy in Tipton . Vicar Terry said his new experience in cattle birthing has given him a new appreciation for beef and enjoyed working the first Westfalia•Surge AUTOROTOR in the area.


Our taffy selling campaign went great! Thanks to everyone for their help and support in
this endeavor! We raised enough money to fund the new petting zoo and made restorations to
the grave site of Master Ferrari. We added a 4 foot marble bust and were finally able to bronze the taxidermied body of PuffPuff, Master Ferrari's prize Bichon Frieze and place it at the foot of Master Ferrari, as he was in life.

A recipe from the Dean of Cults, Dean Cameron!
We suggest you try this out on friends who are interested in our family,
we find the love put into this dish gives people to courage to make a commitment

Joe Joe's Dancing Guacamole
2 ripe avocados
1/4 cup sour cream
1/2 tomato chopped finely
1/2 cup grated onion
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
3 grams sodium pentathol
Peel avocado and mash well. Add sour cream, tomato, onion, garlic salt, and lemon juice; mix well. Serve with Love!

Aribba indeed!


Again, we are interested in organizing a founder's day potluck in the coming months.
Anyone who would like to help with organizing the potluck, please contact Virginia Bankhausen at Use the words "potluck for higher consciousness" in the subject line.
Stay tuned for more information.


Check out our store( to witness the gifts of our members:
"Bill of Rights, Security Edition" from Brother Dean Cameron
"Mad Hueman Disease" from Brothers Drew Plover, Hon. Myduss Goldenballzenberger, and Small J.
We fully support these efforts of our family. The power to create is the greatest power of all!
We encourage all family members to submit their wares to be featured in the store.
Email Mom at with the subject line "I have wares, m'lady"


Carry on throughout the months with vigilance and strength. You are chosen!
We love you! You're part of a family that cares.
Mom and Dad